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Fruit and Vegetable Peelers

DSM 800 | Cassava Peeler

Product Characteristics

The DSM.800 from NHS Máquinas is specially developed for the precise peeling of cassava. Great efficiency, quality and high productivity are the differentials of the peeler where, through an automated process, the peeling of the billets is carried out. Manufactured in certified AISI 304 stainless steel, the pre-cut cassava pieces are placed on mats and driven towards the knives that perform the peeling. Its dual feed allows the peeling of different diameters of cassava simultaneously, increasing its versatility.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the DSM 800

  • Innovative equipment;
  • Compact and highly efficient equipment;
  • Allows peeling of different diameters simultaneously;
  • Low product loss;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Reduced maintenance;
  • Optimized operation;
  • High degree of automation;
  • Variable height according to the client’s design;
  • Compliance with health standards;
  • Fully adapted to NR12.


Productivity600 kg/hour*
DimensionsW. 2452 x W. 2160 x H. 1077 (mm)
Load height808 – Low / 858 – High (mm)
Discharge height336 – Low / 386 – High (mm)
Air consumption78L/min
Voltage3~220V+PE or 3~380V+N+PE
Total installed power0.85kW (1.14hp)

*There may be variation according to the peeled product.

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