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NHS Máquinas

NHS Máquinas is a metallurgical company specialized in the development, manufacture, and sale of machinery and equipment for application to the fresh-cut vegetable market.

We are aware of the advances in the fresh and sanitized vegetable market around the world, NHS Máquinas e Serviços is always one step ahead in the development of new projects and solutions suited to each type of customer.

Through key partnerships, we offer complete solutions for the implementation of a new packing house or even an adaptation in existing factories. From the project and layout of the production area to complete and efficient advice on preventive maintenance of equipment.

Faithful to its Mission and Vision, NHS Máquinas has been conquering new customers throughout Brazil every day. Be welcome!

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We, at NHS Máquinas, develop equipments to better meet the needs of our customers.

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Rodovia Marechal Rondon, KM 158,5 Galpão 01, Tietê - SP (Brazil), 18530-000

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