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LSIB 800 | Washer with Smart Bubble System

Product characteristics

LSIB.800 by NHS Máquinas has been developed for you, who want to wash and sanitize whole leafy vegetables without damaging them continuously, economically and with greater effi ciency than any other washer on the market.

How does LSIB 800 work?

The products to be sanitized are introduced into the end of the washing tank and transported evenly due to water force. There are three water inlets on the washing tank, one at the front and two at the side. Thus, the LSIB.800 becomes an incredibly versatile device, because upon adjustment of the valves, it is possible to set the right time of exposure of the food in the process, depending only on the type of product to be sanitized. If you want to obtain higher productivity, just open the valves more and if you want more effi ciency, adjust them for longer exposure time of the products in the washing.

In addition, LSIB.800 is provided with a smart bubble system, which produces a huge amount of air, which removes dirt and insects without damaging the leaves incredibly effi ciently. Finally, at the end of the second tank, there is an exclusive system to remove insects or any other fl oating impurity. When the product passes through this removal system, the leaves fall into an exit conveyor, which is provided with both rinsing showers and a vibration system to remove excess of water from the products. LSIB.800 also enables all water to pass through two static sieves and an element fi lter, thus returning the water for washing and consequently, generating high water savings.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the LSIB 800

  • Tanks of two prismatic modules, which facilitates the decantation of residues;
  • Independent control of water and air intake.
  • Removable water and air pipelines, which facilitates cleaning and maintenance;
  • Water tank fully open for easy cleaning;
  • Exit conveyor with rinsing shower and batter vibrator to minimize excess of water on the leaves, which reduces centrifuging time;
  • It is equipped with two fi ltration sieves, plus a 304 stainless steel mesh fi lter;
  • Top electrical system protected from the water providing higher safety;
  • Rotary control panel enables driving on both sides of the equipment;



Up to 800 kg/hour*

External Dimensions

4,897 L x 1,365 W x h 1,828 H (mm)

Loading height

1,000 mm

Unloading height

1,150 mm

Total volume of water

960 liters


3~220V+PE or 3~380V+N+PE

Water pump

04 hp. 72 m3/h

Total Installed Power

5.62 kW (5.7 hp)

Total Weight

5810 kg


*There may be variations in productivity depending on the product to be sanitized and the adjustment of the valves.


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