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MLM 152 | Manual Washing Table

Product Characteristics

MLM.152 Manual Washing Machine by NHS Máquinas e Serviços is equipment designed to optimize and gain ergonomics in washing of different types of food. Its volume of water is 152 liters and it is made of sanitary material. It is perfect for low volume production and delicate products that require better manual attention.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the MLM 152

  • Perfect for many different types of products;It is provided with precise adjustment of the shower volume and pressure; this enables MLM.152 to be used for more delicate products or not;
  • Recirculation and sieving generates precious savings of water consumption;
  • It enables leaving the products immersed in water or cleaning solution;
  • The sieves are movable to meet exactly your need and way to work;
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • Quality and reliability by NHS Máquinas.



Up to 300 kg/hour*

External Dimensions

L 1,637 x W 738 x H 1,218 (mm)

Loading Height

842 mm

Unloading Height

842 mm


220 V (Single-phase)

Total Volume

150 liters

Total Power

0.75 kW (1.0 HP)


107 kg


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