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CCB 04 | Washing Tank Car

Product characteristics

The Washing Tank by NHS Máquinas is an accessory developed to bathe products after processing, and speed up the operation of transfer of processed products to centrifugation. It was designed for you, who want improvements in the operation immediately after processing, as it facilitates bathing, layout and handling of products.

How does CCB 04 work?

It consists of a large tank, built entirely of stainless steel, with capacity for four plastic centrifuging baskets. The bottom is slightly tilted for exhaustion and the discharge valve is positioned in a way to enable full disposal of the stored water. There are also four rods made of stainless steel AISI 304 that make it easy to change the position of CCB.04 to wherever you wish. Usually, the tank is positioned under the processors and filled with a suitable solution. Thus, immediately after processing, the products fall directly into the centrifuging basket dipped in the solution. After filling the basket, which is positioned under the processor, the operator pushes it forward, while pulling the basket to the place of the full one. After that, he puts a new basket at the rear end. The basket, which is full of products, remains for a while in the solution and immediately after that, the operator takes it directly to centrifugation.


External Dimensions Loading Height Weight
L 2,316 x W 528 x H 531 (mm)
610 (mm)
50 kg

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