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Centrifuge Basket

Product characteristics

Imported basket intended for the fruit and vegetable centrifuge process, consisting of a sanitary material was developed especially to be used with food, its standard format allows it to be used in other centrifuges. An ideal product to facilitate the handling and preparation of food, in an ergonomic and agile way, it facilitates production lines where greater efficiency and productivity of operators are desired. Its format allows the transport of food as it has resistant handles to assist the operator. They can also be used to dip into tanks in order to carry out sanitizing steps before the centrifugation process. It has great versatility, as it also serves food preparation at any stage where you want to work with food manually.

Centrifuge Basket's TECHNICAL CONTENT

External Dimensions Volume Weight
D. Int. 480 X W 375 (mm)
40 liters
1,5 kg

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