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MBS 401 | Washing and Screening Station

Product Characteristics

The MBS 401 from NHS Máquinas is a more economic version of the MBS 400. It consists of a piece of equipment designed to provide more comfort and agility in the first stage of the washing and sanitization process for a wide range of vegetable products. Completely made of certified AISI 304 stainless steel, the MBS 401 optimizes the initial screening and washing of products. Moreover, it guarantees the exposure time of products soaking in a solution that helps remove insects, snails, and larvae from fruit, legumes, and especially full vegetables.

How does MBS 401 work?

The products to be screened are introduced into the tank from the front or through the sides. The operators take the products from the tank, perform the screening, and put them on the conveyor belt that leads them up to the next washing stage. Besides, the MBS 401 has showers in place to make it easier for the operators to perform the initial product cleaning.

The main difference between the MBS 401 and the MBS 400 is that the MBS 401 has a smaller water volume and no storage tank. The MBS 401 has an integrated filtration system, as well as showers, as water recirculation is constant.

The MBS 401 is an optimal piece of equipment if you are looking for economy and agility, less operator movements, and automated transportation during the first stage of basic FV processing.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the MBS 401

  • Equipment with several optional items to meet your needs:
    1. Straight-conveyor version to unload a volume up to 1,100 mm high;
    2. Long straight-conveyor version to unload the same height, but delivering it to a farther environment;
    3. Tall-conveyor version to unload a volume up to 1,550 mm high;
    4. Optional water bubble system;
    5. Optional filtration system.
  • All the piping is joined by unwelded sanitary clamps, making it easier to disassemble the equipment for cleaning and any necessary maintenance;
  • All faucets are made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • The conveyor belt has a frequency inverter that allows for speed adjustments;
  • Easy foot height adjustments within a range of 250 mm.
  • Reliable equipment built with components from renowned manufacturers;
  • Based on the NR12 guideline, the MBS 401 includes a 24-volt panel command, thus avoiding potential electric shocks. Furthermore, it has emergency buttons located on both the panel and the sides;
  • Low electric power and water consumption;
  • Quality and reliability offered by NHS Máquinas e Serviços.



Up to 500 kg/hour*

Outer Dimensions With Short Straight Conveyor

L 4,155 x W 1,345 x H 1,775 (mm)

Outer Dimensions With Long Straight Conveyor

L 4,580 x W 1,345 x H 1,775 (mm)

Outer Dimensions With Tall Conveyor

L 4,885 x W 1,345 x H 1,775 (mm

Load Height

986 (mm)

Unloading Height – Straight Conveyor

916 (mm)

Unloading Height – Tall Conveyor

1,360 (mm)

Total Water Volume

640 L


220 V or 380 V Three-phase

Total Installed Power w/o Optional Items

1.70 kW (2.30 HP)

Total Installed Power w/ Bubble System

2.20 KW (2.96 HP)

Weight with Straight Conveyor w/o Optional Items

310 Kg

Weight with Straight Conveyor and Bubble System

350 kg


*There may be variation in productivity depending on the product to be cleaned

Dimensions of the MBS 401

Optional Items for your MBS 401

  • Bubble System

Made up of a dynamic centrifugal compressor, piping, valves, and electrical components, the
bubble system of the MBS 401 significantly increases process efficiency.

  • Filtration System

The MBS 401 already has a filter at the water suction outlet, but, if you are looking for more
efficient filtration, we recommend using the Filtration System.

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