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LHM 350 | Multifunctional Hydrodynamic Washer

Product Characteristics

NHS Máquinas’ LHM.350 is a piece of equipment designed to wash a wide variety of vegetable products with high efficiency and quality. Built in certified AISI 304 stainless steel, its cylindrical tank can be used for whole or processed fruits, vegetables and greens. Furthermore, LHM.350 has two versions, one with conveyor belt, normally used for whole products and another version with vibrating chute, used for processed products. The vibrating chute has two great benefits: allows transport of small and sensitive products with no losses and helps in the removal of excessive water aggregated to the product. As a result, there is gain in shelf life, water savings and final product with less aggregated water.

How does LHM 350 work?

Products to be washed are introduced into the tank, where there is, in the lower portion, water directional jets that, when in operation, make the entire tank water go into helical movement, taking all vegetables in the process. Thus, all product goes into movement, sinking and returning to the surface, but always moving towards the washing tank outlet. Additionally, LHM.350 has water inlet controlled by valves, allowing for washing of products more or less susceptible to breaking and better adjustment of stay time inside the tank. LHM.350 has, optionally, an air bubbling system that increases washing efficiency, without damaging products.

All water used in the Multifunctional Hydrodynamic Washer – LHM.350 flows in closed circuit through the equipment, what generates, in the entire functional process, great waters savings.

Optionally, LHM.350 can be incorporated via a filter entirely in stainless steel, of high efficiency and easy cleaning, with no sand and with no element to be replaced.

LHM.350 is characterized as a suitable equipment for those who seek washing versality and quality

Learn about the competitive advantages of the LHM 350

  • Compact and high-efficiency equipment;
  • Has two versions: one with conveyor belt and one with vibrating conveyor belt. Great application, according to the need.
  • Multifunctional equipment. Accepts whole or sliced foliage, whole or processed greens and fruits;
  • The version with conveyor belt has easy access to the inner portion of the conveyor belt for quick washing of the area;
  • The version with vibrating chute is designed for easy washing and has two types of chute, with small- or big-sized holes, according to your need;
  • The washing tank has a remover of floating items with easy level adjustment. This allows better removal of waste in the washing process;
  • The water injector nozzles inside the tank have a system with easy directional adjustment, and it can tilt 60 degrees in direction. This enables great equipment adjustment for each type of product to be washed;
  • The conveyor belt or vibrating chute stay outside the washing tank, getting then more washing space inside the tank and easier equipment washing;
  • The entire piping is connected with joint clamps without welds, making disassembly easier for washing and eventual maintenance;
  • Optional bubbling system that enables installation with no use of welds, as it already has fitting, through sanitation clamps, for easier assembly;
  • All valves are made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Has sweeper water jet in the outlet ramp, preventing then products from getting stuck and better adjustment of the washing tank water level;
  • Reliable equipment, comprised by components from renowned brands;
  • In compliance with standard NR12, LHM.350 has 24 volt switchboard, preventing the potential electric shock. Additionally, the washer has emergency buttons, located in the electrical panel, in the inlet and outlet of products;
  • Low electrical energy and water consumption;
  • LHM.350 has low and high version to be possibly placed one after the other; 
  • In the vibrating chute version, it has a standard a jet system over the chute. Allows rinsing products quickly before proceeding to the next stage;
  •  The LHM 350 is a project consolidated by NHS Máquinas that was born from the LHM 250 that was already under review, which guarantees efficient and more efficient equipment in terms of productivity, hygiene and operation.



Greens up to 350 kg/hour*

Vegetables up to 600 kg/hour*

Washing tank dimensions

D. 1,755 x W. 500 x Depth 477 (mm)

Load Height

1,140 – Low / 1,470 – High

Discharge Height

740 – Low / 1,140 – High


03 cv; 45 m³/h; 12 mH2O


220 V or 380 V 3-phase

Outer Dimensions v. vibrating chute

D. 3,128 x W. 983 x H. 1,746 (mm)

Water Total Volume v. vibrating chute

500 liters

Total Power Installed v. vibrating chute

3.7 kW (5.0 cv)

Weight v. vibrating chute

380 kg

Outer Dimensions v. Conveyor Belt

D. 2,682 x W. 964 x H. 1,746 (mm)

Water Total Volume v. Conveyor Belt

470 Liters

Total Power Installed v. Conveyor Belt

2.4 kW (3.2 cv)

Weight v. Conveyor Belt

260 kg

Total Power Bubbling Opt

0.67 kW (0.5 cv)


* Productivity variation may occur as per product to be washed.

Dimensions of LHM 350 – Version Vibrating Chute

Illustrative picture

Dimensions of LHM 350 – Version Conveyor Belt

Illustrative picture

Accessories to your LHM 350

Version with vibrating chute

The LHM.350 version with vibrating chute allows working with a wide variety of products; however, you get the best of it by using small, sensitive or already processed products. By default, the vibrating chute makes the products loose at the moment of transfer to the next step, significantly reducing damage and loss of raw material, in addition to helping the removal of undesired small matters. The vibrating chute, as it is perforated and vibrates, makes the excessive water detach from the product, which generates water saving and greater dynamism for centrifugation processes.

When you choose the LHM.350 version with vibrating chute, you need to choose which chute is to be used or even purchase both models.


3 Hole Perforated Chute

The 3 hole chute is recommended, in particular, to work with small products, such as sliced cabbage, vegetables in small cubes. The 3 chute also allows working with larger products. 


12 Hole Perforated Chute

The 12 hole chute is recommended to work only with processed products larger than 12 mm, and it is very useful for removal of small matters from undesired products following the washing.


Version with Conveyor Belt

The LHM.350 version with conveyor belt allows working with a wide variety of products, but it is strongly recommended to work with whole products.


High Version

The LHM.350 high version allows it to feed other LHM.350 in the low version, in line.


Low Version

The LHM.350 low version is more common and allows for wide use.



Bubbling System

Comprised of dynamic blower, through pipes, valves and electrical elements, LHM.350 bubbling system significantly increases efficiency of the product washing process.


Filter System

Filter is a crucial component for those who seek a cleaner water recirculation process. As a result, it helps to reduce machine water exchange, generating then great savings.

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