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MCP 800 | Cutting and Preparation Board

Product Characteristics

NHS Máquinas’ MCP.800 is the perfect equipment for productivity and ergonomics gain in handling and preparing various foods, and it can be used from fresh to packaged products. It can be applied in dry preparation in the steps of pre-peeling or washing, peeling completion, product cutting, visual inspections and selection and disposal of food.

How does MCP 800 work?

MCP.800 allows placing a large quantity of products on the intermediate conveyor belt, work the food on workbenches and easily dispose the waste through chutes. The product is collected and placed on the upper conveyor belt, which takes them to the next step. The trays, seamlessly and ergonomically, guide the waste to the lower conveyor belt, which takes all waste to a single collection box.

The intermediate conveyor belt has precise speed control, this allows for fine adjustment of product quantity to be fed per hour, being possible to combine available workforce and the product, type of operation and need of its production.

Its structure in AISI 304 Stainless steel with mill certificate and a project focused on ease of cleaning and daily maintenance, making it a suitable equipment for those who work with food and seek to gain productivity, ergonomics and ease of production.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the MCP 800​

  • Great for use in the start of high production line;
  • Wide application in various productive processes to work with varying types of foods (whole or processed Fruits, Vegetables and Greens);
  • Equipment built according to safety standard NR-12;
  • Smooth tarpaulin conveyor belts with scraper and tilting system, which allow for quick cleaning procedure and conveyor belt replacement;
  • High productive capacity that can handle up to 8 operators.
  • Work stations with mobile and gliding workbenches, allowing for articulation of workforce and better ergonomics during the working hours;
  • NHS Máquinas equipment, quality and reliability.


ProductivityUp to 2,000 kg/hour *
Outer dimensionsD. 4,806 x W. 1,347 x H. 1,787 (mm)
Load Height1,071 mm
Discharge Height1,325 mm
Waste Discharge Height363 mm
Voltage220 V (3~220V+PE)
380 V (3~380V+N+PE)
Total Power0.75 kW (1.0 cv)
Weight335 kg

* Productivity variation may occur as per product to be transported.

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