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LVCH 200 | Washer with Shower Conveyor

Product Characteristics

LVCH.200 by NHS Máquinas is a very versatile equipment that meets your need in the sanitation process. This machine is designed to perform washing, rinsing, as well as bathing of fruits, vegetables and greens simply, quickly and economically

How does LVCH 200 work?

First, the products are entered into a polyester mesh conveyor. The conveyor drive is provided with a frequency inverter that generates energy savings and enables speed regulation. This way, you can regulate the exposure time of the products in the washing process, bringing versatility and productivity control. On the conveyor, the products pass through a set of 24 (twenty-four) water jet nozzles fine-adjusted by a sanitary valve, installed under and above the conveyor, thus, providing the necessary cleaning for each food.

LVCH.200 is also provided with a specific water recirculation system designed to avoid waste, retain the residues generated in the process and finally, facilitate the cleaning of the equipment itself, enabling a high degree of quality and reliability throughout the operation. In addition, the equipment is integrated with a water storage tank with level control float, static sieves and components made of stainless steel AISI 304.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the LVCH 200

  • Extremely versatile equipment, performing washing and sanitizing of a wide range of products, since fruits, vegetables to whole leafy plants;
  • Double sieving filtration in water recirculation, generating economic processes;
  • Easy-to-clean equipment because of the sanitary components and the structure, which is easy access inside;
  • Polyester mesh conveyor provided with larger pass-through area, compared to the modular conveyors, facilitating the water flow and the equipment cleaning, a fundamental process for the long life of the products;
  • Quality and reliability of the components and the finishing of NHS Máquinas.



Leaves: up to 300 kg/hour* Vegetables: up to 1,200 kg/hour*

External Dimensions

L 3,000 x W 1,255 x H 1,825 (mm)

Loading height

1,120 mm

Unloading height

955 mm

Total volume of water

350 liters


220 V or 380 V (Three-phase)

Water pump

2 hp; 20 m3/h; 18mH2O

Total Installed Power

2 kW (2.75 hp)


340 kg

* There might be variations in productivity depending on the product used and the speed of the washing conveyor.

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