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MBS 400 | Bath and Selection Table

Product Characteristics

MBS.400 of NHS Máquinas is a device developed to facilitate and speed up the first stage of the process of washing and sanitizing of a wide range of plant products. Constructed entirely of certified AISI 304 Stainless Steel, MBS.400 optimizes the product selection and initial bathing. Furthermore, it guarantees the time of exposure of the products dipped in solution that helps removing insects, slugs and caterpillars from fruits, vegetables and especially, whole greens.

How does MBS 400 work?

The products to be selected are introduced into the tank from the front or the sides. The MBS.400 is provided with several options to suit your needs and when purchased with the water recirculation set, the front part of MBS.400 is equipped with directed water jets to facilitate the movement of the products to the operators, making this operational stage of the process easy and quick. The operators pick up the products from the tank, select them and place them on the conveyor that takes them to the next washing step. In addition, MBS.400 is equipped with optional showers to facilitate the initial cleaning of the products in the operators´ hands. It is also provided with optional water filter and bubble generator that further improve the efficiency of this first washing step.

MBS.400 is a perfect equipment for you, who is looking for agility, less movement of the operator and transport automation in the first step of minimum FLV processing.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the MBS 400

  • Find out the differentials of
  • Straight conveyor version to unload at up to 1,100 mm height;
  • High conveyor version to unload at up to 1,550 mm height;
  • Optional bubble system;
  • Optional water circulation system;
  • Optional filtration system;
  • Optional filtration system and showers;
  • All piping is joined by sanitary clamps that facilitate disassembly, for cleaning and maintenance;
  • All valves are made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • The conveyor is equipped with a frequency inverter that enables adjustment of the conveyor speed;
  • Height adjustment of the feet is easy and can vary 250 mm;
  • Reliable equipment consisting of components from famous brands;
  • Based on the NR12 standard, MBS.400 features 24 Volt panel control, thus avoiding possible electric shock. Furthermore, the washing machine is equipped with emergency buttons located on the panel and at the sides;
  • Low consumption of electric energy and water;



Up to 500 kg/hour*

External Dimensions with High Conveyor

L 4,595 x W 2,165 x H 1,785 (mm)

External Dimensions with Straight Conveyor

L 3,510 x W 2,165 x H 1,624 (with Shower) or H 1,325 (without Shower) (mm)

Loading height

1,120 (mm)

Unloading Height Straight Conveyor

1,100 (mm)

Unloading Height High Conveyor

1,550 (mm)

Total Non-Circulating Water Volume

550 L

Total Circulating Water Volume

960 L


220 V or 380 V Three-phase

Total Installed Power without Circulation and without Bubbles

0.25 kW (0.33 hp)

Total Installed Power with Circulation and without Bubbles

1.70 kW (2.33 hp)

Total Installed Power without Circulation and with Bubbles

0.70 kW (1.00 hp)

Total Installed Power with Circulation and with Bubbles

2.20 kW (3.00 hp)

Weight with Straight Conveyors and without Options

270 kg

Weight with High Conveyor, Circulation, Filter, Shower and Bubbles

525 kg


Versions and accessories of your MBS 400

  • High Conveyor Version

In the High Conveyor version, MBS.400 enables you to deliver products higher and the operators do not need a
working platform. This version of the equipment enables delivering in LHM.250 High, which delivers in LHM.250 Low.

  • Bubble System

Composed of a dynamic radial compressor, piping, valves and electrical components, the MBS 400 bubble system
significantly increases the process efficiency.

  • Water Circulation System

The Water Circulation System enables you to work longer with the same water as it sieves it, facilitates the transport
of the products to the operators and improves the removal efficiency and the dirt in the product bathing.

  • Water Circulation and Filtration System

The Filtration System can only be purchased, if the Water Circulation System is installed. The Filter is a key component
for those, who want a cleaner water recirculation process. Consequently, it helps minimizing the hydraulic changeover
time of the machine, thus generating great savings.

  • Top Water Circulation, Filtration and Spout System

Located on top of the bath tanks, the spout uses water from the Circulation System and makes it easy for operators to
work. In cases of vegetables with large amounts of impurities, it favors a washing process and is highly recommended
when the water circulation system is purchased. The Top Spout shall be installed with the Filtration System to prevent
the spout clogging;

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