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ESTZ 35 | Z-Type Conveyor

Product Characteristics

The ESTZ.35 by NHS Máquinas e Serviços is a piece of equipment designed to optimize your production line. It has been designed to automate a production line by connecting one piece of equipment to the other and avoiding inter-process manual contact, as per your needs. The ESTZ.35 has 4 different unloading heights for product rising, 3 wet hopper sizes, 2 dry hopper sizes, as well as it can work with canvas and modular conveyors — all this to meet a myriad of processing line needs. Its disposal area allows for the installation of a fall-guiding device with rotary shock absorption, that, in addition to reducing the impact of a falling product, enables corrections of misalignments of the processing line or even allows you to have the conveyor feeding two equipment.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the ESTZ 35

  • Versatile equipment. It can be installed both in dirt areas and in clean areas;
  • It meets a wide array of products, fruit, vegetables, plants, whether processed or not, etc.;
  • It has several combinations across loading and unloading heights, flat or modular conveyors, and dry or wet hoppers;
  • Construction and wiring with a panel compliant with NR12 (Brazil’s Regulatory Standard 12) with a 24V command to avoid electric shocks;
  • Made of AISI 304 stainless steel;
  • Easy operation;
  • Quality and reliability offered by NHS Máquinas services.


ProductivityUp to 1,500 kg/hour*
Maximum DimensionsL 3,847 x W 1,003 x H 2,080 (mm)
Loading Height384 / 604 / 730 mm
Unloading Height (w/o guide)1099 / 1369 / 1499 / 1769
Voltage220 V (Three-phase)
Total Power0.98 HP
WeightVaries as per the configuration

* It may vary depending on the product

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