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ESTH 250 | Horizontal Conveyor

Product Characteristics

ESTH.250 by NHS Máquinas e Serviços is equipment designed to optimize your production line. It was designed to carry out the production line automation by connecting one equipment unit to another, avoiding the manual contact between the processes, according to your need. ESTH.250 enables height adjustment just by tightening some screws, and in addition, it enables adjustment of the tilting, considering that it can reach a maximum tilting of 30° (1,000 mm lifting). The conveyor used in ESTH.250 is modular, which facilitates cleaning and it is more recommended for whole products, if you want to transport minimally processed products, we can change the modular with a belt conveyor.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the ESTH 250

  • Versatile equipment, it enables height and tilting adjustment;
  • Serves a wide range of products, fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc.;
  • Made of stainless steel AISI 304;
  • Simple operation;
  • Quality and reliability of NHS Máquinas e Serviços.



Up to 1,500 kg/hour*

External Dimensions

L 2,615 x W 920 x H 1,680 (mm)

Loading height

1,145 mm – Adjustable

Unloading height

920 mm – Adjustable


220 V or 380 V (Three-phase)

Total Power

0.25 kW (0.33 hp)


125 kg

* It might vary depending on the product

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