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CFL 350 | Leaf and Vegetable Cutter

Product Characteristics

The fabulous Leaf and Vegetable Cutter CFL.350 by NHS Máquinas e Serviços is innovation in the form of a processing machine. Made of AISI 304 stainless steel and sanitary materials, its designed shape ensures excellent cutting quality, easy and quick sanitization, and simple maintenance. The CFL.350 has been designed for those wishing productivity and precision when cutting leaves and vegetables such as lettuce, kale, common chicory, cabbage, carrot, zucchini, cucumber, and others.

How does CFL 350 work?

The CFL.350 has two conveyors that will softly compress the products and precisely address them toward the cutting blades. The design of the upper conveyor makes sure that the products are carried with exceptional precision to the cutting blades. The equipment can be adjusted for pre-established and synchronized speeds of conveyor belts and cutting blades. This makes it easier to adjust and standardize cuts as per the needs of each product.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the CFL 350

  • It has a feed conveyor that supports up to two operators;
  • It allows you to optionally acquire the feeding station MTSA.04 which provides automation and ergonomic operation for large production volumes;
  • The conveyors can be easily removed for their sanitization or replacement;
  • It has high cutting precision and may vary from 1 mm to 30 mm in length;
  • The blades have dimensions and sharpening that increase the cutting quality;
  • It has a safety system in compliance with NR12 (Brazil’s Regulatory Standard 12);
  • It has an in-built electric panel, and its commands are easy to access with an innovative design;
  • It has a smart internal mechanism that enables replacement of the synchronizing belt in a maximum of 5 minutes;
  • It already includes stainless-steel rotating wheels, making equipment motion easier;
  • It offers an optional vegetable directing system that improves cutting efficiency for long vegetables;
  • Quality and reliability offered by NHS Máquinas.


ProductivityUp to 2,000 kg/hour*
Outer DimensionsL 2,250 x W 925 x H 1,600 (mm)
Loading height1.118 mm
Unloading Height617 mm
Voltage220 V or 380 V (three-phase)
Total Installed Power1.65 kW (2.21 HP)
Weight390 kg

*It may vary depending on the product and cutting thicknesses

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