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DLA 350 | Blade or Abrasion Vegetable Peeler

Product Characteristics

The new DLA.350 is a fantastic novelty in good-quality peeling of fruit and vegetables by NHS Máquinas e Serviços. Entirely made of AISI 304 stainless steel, it has an easy sanitization system, which enables you to access inner peeling area by simply opening a lid. In addition, the peeler has a rotating disc that can be easily removed for its sanitization, for replacement of the abrasive material, and replacement of the disc as per the type of product to be peeled. Another huge competitive advantage is the fact that the machine includes, as its accessories, different types of discs with blades to more gently perform the peeling of the foods with better finishing, thus providing its end product with a longer shelf life.

The DLA.350 is a complete machine that also includes, as an accessory, a residue collection box that will screen the waste from the process, allowing the liquid to flow and the solid residues to be collected. The equipment has further been designed in compliance with NR12 (Brazil’s Regulatory Standard 12) and includes a panel with a timer and a buzzer for optimal adjustment of the peeling cycle time. The DLA.350 is also available in a version with a lid opening and closure system using a pneumatic cylinder for those wishing to make operation easier or even automatize the peeling process.

How does DLA 350 work?

The DLA 350 peeler provides peeling through the rotation of the bottom disc (either abrasive or with blades), which removes the skin of the food when in contact with it. In order that the waste generated can flow out of the equipment, the peeling tank has a continuous, adjustable water jet.

To perform the peeling, just adjust the cycle time of the alarm, insert the products through the upper inlet, and, after the alarm is triggered, open the unloading door

Learn about the competitive advantages of the DLA.350

  • It doesn’t need lubrication;
  • Outer housing shape designed so as to optimize the peeling time;
  • Panel external to the equipment with a cycle alarm and lighting compliant with NR12;
  • Easy-to-open lid for access to the peeling compartment;
  • Rotating disc of various sizes with abrasive material or blades that can be quickly and easily changed;
  • Configuration with three types of abrasive material (thick, thin, or extra thin), as per your requirements;
  • Easy-to-apply abrasive material due to the quick access to inner areas;
  • A pneumatic cylinder can be installed for ergonomic and automation gains
  • Quality and reliability offered by NHS Máquinas e Serviços.


ProductivityAté 700 kg/hora*
Outer DimensionsL 1,200 x W 895 x H 1,550 (mm)
Loading height900 mm
Unloading Height400 mm
Total Tank Volume80 liters**
Useful Tank Volume50 liters
Voltage220 V (single-phase)
Total power1.1 kW (1.47 HP)
Weight165 Kg

*It may vary depending on the product and desired quantity of skin removal.

Dimensions of the DLA 350

  • Version with Opening Manual Cover

This version of the DLA.350 is the most economical and has an outlet cover opening by manual movement of the opening lever.

  • Version with Pneumatic Opening Lid

In this version, the activation is by pneumatic cylinder, which facilitates the process of opening and closing the disposal cover. In this case, after the end of the cycle, the lid opens automatically.

  • Waste Collection Box

The collection box allows you to separate solids from liquids. It is positioned next to the equipment and under the waste outlet.

  • Automation System

Together with the Opening Cover and it includes a feeding belt, the Automation System allows you to automate the peeling process of the DLA 350, with food insertion control, peeling cycle control and productivity control for production line balancing.

  • Abrasion Disc

Developed for most products, such as onions, potatoes, beets, chayote, carrots, Cabotiá squash and others, the Abrasion Disc allows the skins to be removed more easily from peeled foods.

  • Blade Disc For Vegetables

This disc was specially designed by NHS Máquinas e Serviços for you who want quality, better finishing of your box and a longer shelf life for your final product. In this case, the machine frame must not have an abrasive system, but an internal driver to increase efficiency.

  • Blade Disc for Cabotiá Pumpkin

This disc was specially designed for pumpkins. It has specific dimensions for better performance in peeling this food. In this application, a machine housing should not have abrasive, but an internal drive system to increase efficiency.

  • Onion Disc

The onion disc does not have any type of abrasive or blades and removes the onion skins only by impacting on two symmetrically spaced bumps on the disc.

  • Disk for Garlic

The garlic disc also does not have any type of abrasive or blades and removes the garlic husks only by impacting on two symmetrically spaced bumps on the disc. The difference is that it has a larger diameter to reduce the loss of garlic in the process.

  • Coarse Abrasive, Fine Abrasive and Superfine Abrasive

The type of abrasive can be chosen for application to the peeling disc and/or machine housing. We recommend the machine housing only for use with an abrasive disc, but for those who want a machine with an abrasive disc and a bladed disc, we recommend the smooth housing only with a guide.

Coarse Abrasive allows faster peeling, but with a rougher finish. Fine Abrasive allows for slower peeling and a smoother finish. The Superfine Abrasive allows a very smooth finish of the product, ideal for those who sell whole peeled products and want a good presentation in the packaging.

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