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DSL 25 | Abrasive Vegetable Peeler

Product Characteristics

DSL.25 by NHS Máquinas is equipment designed for you, who wants to facilitate and gain time when peeling hard-pulped vegetables, such as potatoes, carrots, beets, onions, among others.

How does DSL 25 work?

DSL.25 provides peeling by abrasive material applied to the internal sides and the bottom disc. Loading is done by a nozzle on the top, while the driving system is a gear motor, which makes the lower disc to rotate, providing the movement of the vegetables within the peeler. When it comes into contact with the abrasive material, the food rind is released. To facilitate this process, a continuous and adjustable water jet is used, which is also responsible to direct the waste to a compartment that collects and disposes it through the lower central part of the machine. The peeling product comes out when the small side door is opened. In addition, the new version of the equipment has electrical panel with timer and sound signal to identify the peeling cycle. Another improvement is that the panel complies with NR12, with 24-volt control, avoiding risks of electric shocks and improving the operator´s safety.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the DSL 25

  • Bottom separate from the abrasive disc, it prevents dirt buildup and facilitates cleaning;
  • External greasing nipple, no need to the open equipment to grease;
  • Hydraulic type lubrication hose, long service life;
  • It is provided with 3 mm thick casing and structural plates;
  • The housing diameter is 450 and the height is 340 mm;
  • Robust and reliable equipment, excellent option for those, who want costbenefit ratio;


(*) There might be variations in productivity depending on the product to be processed and the cycle time.
(**) For good peeling efficiency, the compartment shall be filled to half the desired volume per cycle


ProductivityUp to 500 kg/hour*
External DimensionsL 907 x W 876 x H 1,504 (mm)
Loading height1000 mm
Unloading height485 mm
Peeling Compartment Volume65 Liters**
Abrasive (Grammage optional)Fine, Medium or Coarse
Voltage220 V or 380 V (Three-phase)
Total Installed Power1.5 kW (2 hp)
Weight85 kg

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