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CFL 300 | Leaf Cutter

Product Characteristics

The CFL 300 Leaf Cutter from NHS Máquinas is built in certified AISI 304 Stainless Steel and sanitary material. Intended for cutting leafy vegetables, it was developed meeting the criteria of continuous use, high productivity and under a regime of humid environments and low temperatures.

How does CFL 300 work?

It has a intelligent cutting system, with three knives actuated by a brake motor, which ensures better security and adjustable speed in the production process. The CFL 300 features a feeding system, by a pair of synchronous movement mats and by a geared motor, controlled by a frequency inverter, which allows a precise adjustment of the thickness of the cut and the speed of advance of the product. In addition, thinking about operator safety, the CFL 300 has a sensor system that interrupts its operation instantly when opening the access doors to internal areas.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the CFL 300

  • Synchronized upper and lower treadmills, using only one motor for both;
  • Tip of the swiveling mats, which facilitates cleaning and changing the mats;
  • External lubrication center, with no need to open the equipment to grease;
  • Receiving platform for cut product with height adjustment;
  • Control panel isolated from the equipment, facilitating cleaning;
  • Robust, reliable and low maintenance equipment;
  • Recognized for excellent cutting precision.



Up to 500 kg/hour*

Outer Dimensions

L 1,450 x W 660 x H 1,650 (mm)

Loading height

1,000 mm

Unloading Height

705 mm


220 V or 380 (three-phase)

Total Power

1,.65 kW (2.25 cv)


285 Kg

* Productivity may vary depending on the product to be sliced and the thickness of the desired cut.

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