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LHM 800 | Multipurpose Hydrodynamic Washing Machine

Product Characteristics

Designed based on top-notch manufacturing, technology, and operation concepts, NHS Máquinas’ LHM 800 has come to offer cutting-edge technology in the segment of high-capacity washing and sanitization of Fruit, Legumes, and Vegetables, starting with the multiple functions of the equipment, which enables washing and sanitization of various products and shapes, with applications in many line and process configurations, always combining robustness with maximum efficiency and smoothness. Another huge competitive edge and exclusivity of the LHM 800 is that it can be purchased with a conveyor belt or even with a vibrating chute, which is optimal for those wishing efficiency and less losses in transportation of large amounts of processed products.

How does LHM 800 work?

The LHM 800 Multipurpose Hydrodynamic Washing Machine by NHS Máquinas has 15 high-flow side injection nozzles, 9 of which at the bottom of the tank and 6 at the top. Each nozzle can be adjusted as needed, with a forward or backward direction angle for better adjustment of the food washing time. In addition, it has water injection from the back for finer washing adjustment. The side nozzles, jointly with the shape of the washing tank, cause the food to run on a helical path during sanitization, sinking and then returning to the surface in an incredible way. All sets of water inlets in the washing tank are mechanically controlled by sanitary valves, allowing for products with higher or lower breaking strength to be cleaned as well as for excellent control and adjustment of product exposure to water.

The LHM 800 also has a tilting Floating Dirt Remover. This device can be turned on or not and works as a screen to remove dirt from the surface of the washing tank.

The foods, upon leaving the washing stage, are collected by a mesh belt or a vibrating tray. The belt has a mixing system to remove the excess water present along with the foods, and the vibrating tray carries processed products more smoothly.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the LHM 800

  • Equipment 100% compliant with safety standard NR-12;
  • Equipment wholly made of AISI 304 stainless steel with plant certification;
  • Many settings and operation adjustments to work with various types of foods (whole or processed fruit, legumes, and vegetables);
  • Great washing time accuracy. Through sanitary valves and the direction of injection nozzles, you can set how long the foods will be washed;
  • Collecting belt outside the washing tank. It makes it easier to clean the equipment and its parts, with quick and easy access to its inner areas;
  • The storage tank has high reserve capacity and a closed circuit, which avoids a shortage of water during operation and increases water economy, combined with a shape that favors decantation and elimination of dirt;
  • Piping assembled with sanitary clamps, which makes it easier to disassemble and clean it;
  • Large-diameter drainage valves to reduce the setup time between processes and the time to finish the work;
  • Parts and components from renowned brands. Easy part replacement.
  • Quality and reliability offered by NHS Máquinas.



Up to 800 kg/hour*

Outer Dimensions With Conveyor

L 4,346 x W. 1,180 x L. 1,710 (mm)

Outer Dimensions With Vibrating Tray

L 4,388 x W. 1,180 x L. 1,710 (mm)

Washing Tank Dimensions

L. 2,300 x W. 550 x D. 500 (mm)

Loading Height

1,066+ 100 (mm)

Unloading Height

827+ 100 (mm)

Total Water Volume

1,000 L


220 V or 380 V Three-phase


3.94 HP and 90 cbm/h

Total Installed Power With Conveyor

5.3 kW (7.0 HP)

Total Installed Power With Vibrating Tray

6.5 kW (8.67 HP)

Mass With Conveyor

475 kg

Mass With Vibrating Tray

535 kg


* May vary depending on the type of product sanitized.

Dimensions of LHM 800

Illustrative picture


  • Food outlet system with Conveyor Belt

Easy to maintain and simply designed, the Conveyor Belt is the right choice when it comes to transporting many types of foods. Its assembly concept is globally established, which ensures easy and efficient operation and maintenance. Besides, the structure has smart mechanisms developed by NHS Máquinas to make it even easier to sanitize the equipment every day.

  • Food outlet system with Vibrating Tray

Its vibration has 0% product aggression because it has no driving axle, increasing the final quality of your product, especially foods that are washed in slices. It also causes most of the water volume present in the product to not be transferred to the next stage and/or wasted in the process, ensuring higher economy of such a precious resource and asset.

  • Bubble System

Made up of a centrifugal air compressor, piping, sanitary valves, and electrical components, the bubble system considerably increases the efficiency of the process of removing “dirt” that is in contact with the foods, especially leafy ones.




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