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CTD 300 | Direct Transmission Centrifuges

Product characteristics

With an innovative spirit, CTD.300 is considered the most advanced vegetable centrifuge ever developed in Brazil. Its proactive system enables stable operation and very low maintenance. Built of certified AISI 304 stainless steel and cast aluminum base, CTD.300 is called a Direct Drive Centrifuge, because it features a motor shaft attached directly to the centrifuging basket. By having a motor installed under the equipment, not on the side, the centrifuge eliminates the need to use belts, bushings and bearings.

Thus, such characteristics exclude the need for grease, constant maintenance, and minimize, at the same time, the imbalances caused due to belt transmission. The CTD 300 was designed to remove excess water in vegetables from cleaning, thus ensuring products with the minimum amount of moisture so that they can be packaged.

How does CTD 300 work?

The product, when centrifuged in CTD 300, is accommodated in a removable perforated plastic basket, which is attached to the rotor of the equipment. When driven, the rotor causes the basket to rotate at a speed of up to 800 revolutions/min, removing all water from the previous process. With a convenient control panel, the rotational speed of the basket can be preset to four programmed speeds and the desired centrifuging time can be determined by means of a timer.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the CTD 300

  • Basket rotor coupled directly to the motor shaft; there is no need of greasing, because the system dampens the vibration, making the equipment work balanced;
  • Very quiet equipment as it does not contain drive belts, bushings and bearings;
  • Automatic electronic brake of the centrifuging basket. At the end of the cycle, the brake is turned on causing a quicker stop of the basket, which, when reaches speed 0, emits a sound signal indicating the end of the cycle, respectively. To start a new cycle, just close the lid of the equipment, no need of manual activation;
  • Quick start. Working with an 08-pole motor, the centrifuging basket quickly reaches the set speed;
  • Safety – Regulatory Norm NR12. The cover is provided with an automatic lock, which prevents opening during the cycle. At the end of the process, unlocking is automatic;
  • Panel with luminous indications and possibility of fixing on its own pedestal or a wall;
  • Low maintenance, no need for greasing;
  • CTD.300 is not anchored to the floor as its fixing system is simple and enables it to be easily removed at any time;
  • The equipment is provided with a plug to decouple the machine from the panel, making it easier to move the equipment without having to move the panel in case of transport or cleaning the work area;
  • The operator works in an ergonomic position, with no need to lower to insert or remove the basket into the equipment, or excessive force to remove it from the machine.


ProductivityLeaves up to 250 kg/hour*
Vegetables up to 400 kg/hour*
External DimensionsL 750 x W 750 x H 1,000 (mm)
Basket DimensionsD 500 x H 400 (mm) – conical shape
Total Basket Volume40 (liters)**
Basket weight2 kg
Rated Basket Rotation800 rpm
Voltage220 V (single-phase)
Motorization1.0 hp; 08 poles; 800 RPM
Total Installed Power0.75 kW
Weight110 kg

* Productivity might vary depending on the desired centrifuging time.
** The total basket volume does not correspond to the product volume to be inserted, as the basket can never be full.



CTD 300 – NHS

Common Centrifuge

Bushing ReplacementBRL 0.00 (not required)BRL 360.00
Axle ReplacementBRL 0.00 (not required)BRL 100.00
Shock Absorber ReplacementBRL 0.00 (not required)BRL 180.00
Grease (01 kg)BRL 0.00 (not required)BRL 96.00
Stainless Spring RetainerBRL 140.00BRL 0.00 (not required)
Technical M.O (2hr)BRL 0.00 (not required)BRL 180.00
Total in two yearsBRL 140.00BRL 916.00
*approximated values

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