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MCP 350 | Cutting and Preparation Board

Product Characteristics

Designed using advanced manufacturing, technology and operation concepts, NHS Máquinas’ MCP.350 is the perfect equipment for handling and preparing various foods, and it can be used from fresh to packaged products. It can be applied in dry preparation in the steps of prepeeling or washing, peeling completion, product cutting, visual inspections and selection/disposal of food, weighing with balances, packaging preparation and trays.

Its conception allows conveyor belts to be assembled as per need of your line, that is, you can have the collection conveyor belt installed in the lower portion and delivery in the upper portion, or vice-versa. Additionally, in both configurations, you can adjust the conveyor belt heights through holes located along the equipment structure. This ensures optimal versality of possible combinations to configure your line.

MCP.350 has two workbenches (one in each equipment side). By default, the workbench comes with 3 points of work define per cutting boards made of sanitary material, which glide over the workbench, also bringing versatility to the operation. If necessary, you can include up to 4 additional boards (two per workbench), increasing the number of operators per equipment and, as a result, increasing your productivity. Both workbenches also count with adjustable height, which ensures great ergonomics for daily work.

The intermediate conveyor belt has precise speed control, allowing for fine production adjustment, being possible to combine available workforce and the product, type of operation and need of its production.

In some cases, and as per need, it is also possible to install a third conveyor belt in the lower portion of the equipment, which is usually used for transportation of disposed material, bringing more dynamism, even in the process of cleaning of your plant.

Its structure entirely in AISI 304 Stainless steel with mill certificate and a project focused on ease of washing and daily maintenance,

How does MCP 350 work?

NHS Máquinas’ MCP.350 has two conveyor belts (upper and lower) by default. Both have the same length and work with the same speed; however, they are spaced out in such a way that the conveyor belt functioning as collection conveyor belt is pulled back towards the machine back and the delivery conveyor belt is forward, towards the machine front.

No matter where the conveyor belts are installed in the equipment, the food is placed on the collection portion of the collection conveyor belt; the operator then, manually, puts this product on the cutting board to do the work operation and put it back on the delivery conveyor belt in order to move to the next step.

If your MCP.350 has a third conveyor belt for waste disposal, all material to be disposed is placed on it, and then it is transported against the flow of your line. If there is no such option, disposal is done through collection boxes, which can stay under the equipment and washed periodically.

As per product, process, productivity and workforce available, the conveyor belt speed is controlled from the switchboard, through a frequency inverter.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the MCP 350

  • Equipment built according to safety standard NR-12;
  • Equipment manufactured entirely with AISI 304 Stainless Steel with mill certificate;
  • Various operation configurations and adjustments to work with varying types of foods (whole or processed Fruits, Vegetables and Greens);
  • Variable transportation speed for great process control, which allows for fine adjustment of product, process, productivity and workforce;
  • Conveyor belts with tilting system, which allow for quick washing procedure and conveyor belt replacement;
  • Equipment with casters for easier moving in the shop floor during washing procedures and even exchanging MCP.350 position with other machines;
  • High productive capacity as it handles up to 10 employees;
  • Work stations with mobile and gliding workbenches, allowing for articulation of workforce and better ergonomics during the working hours;
  • 7 different types of conveyor belt to support varying equipment applications;
  • 2 different types of chutes (with water collection – for watery products – and with no water collection– for dry products);
  • Equipment manufactured 100% in national territory, making parts replacement easier.


ProductivityUp to 800 kg/hour *
Outer dimensionsD. 3,990 x W. 1,222 x H. 1,798 (mm)
Load HeightVariable (mm)
Discharge HeightVariable (mm)
Voltage220 V (220 V Bi. – 2~220 V + T)
380 V (220 V Mono. – 1~380 V + N+ T)
Total Power0.25kW (0.33CV)

* Productivity variation may occur as per product to be transported.

Dimensions of the MCP 350


  • Conveyor belt for waste disposal

In processes where there is a large quantity of waste and/or where there is concern with shop floor hygiene, the conveyor belt for waste is vital for proper destination and dynamism in line cleaning operations, as it carries, in the counterflow direction of the process, all the material disposed.

  • 7 different types of conveyor belt

Smooth Conveyor Belt: Applied to all types of products without excessive water;
Thin or Thick Tarpaulin Conveyor Belt: Applied to all types of products with little water;
Closed Modular Conveyor Belt: Applied to whole products or products with little water;
Closed Modular Conveyor Belt with Cleat: Applied to whole products or products with little water;
Open Modular Conveyor Belt: Applied to whole products or products with excessive water;
Open Modular Conveyor Belt with Cleat: Applied to whole products or products with excessive water.

  • 2 different types of chute

Chute with Water Collection: If the transported products have water, you can collect and direct this water through the Chute with Collection for proper destination of this waste.
Chute with no Water Collection: Also collects water, but it is not possible to destine it for proper disposal.

  • 2 different types of hopper

Tilted Hopper: Suitable for processes where the collection conveyor belt is supplied manually or with boxes;
Straight Hopper: Suitable for processes where the collection conveyor belt is supplied automatically or with other line equipment;

  • Scraper

In processes where the delivery conveyor belt transports processed products, the use of Scraper is vital to take most of the product that may get stuck in the conveyor belt and also for better washing of this component.

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