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LHC 300 | Cyclical Hydrodynamic Washer

Product Characteristics

LHC.300 by NHS Máquinas is equipment designed to wash and/or sanitize leafy, leguminous and fructiferous plants, whole or processed, by means of water whirlwind. Perfect for beginners or small producers, who want low investment combined with mechanization of their production and quality in the process.

How does LHC 300 work?

LHC.300 consists of a frame made of AISI 304 stainless steel with a 250-liter tank. The equipment supports a pneumatic rocker sieve with holes of 6 mm diameter, 25 between centers and of cylindrical shape, where the products are inserted and washed. The diameter of the pneumatic cylinder is 80 mm and its length is 500 mm, which guarantees strength, speed and precision of the product unloading movement.

LHC.300 is equipped with a pump of high outflow at 25-cubic meter per hour that suctions water from the bottom part of the washing tank and
injects it again, swirling and circulating 1,000 times per hour. Washing is done by injection of water in the front of the tank, causing the water to spin and carry the products along that sink and return to the surface. The water injection height from the bottom of the tank to the outlet is 340 millimeters, which favors air bubbles in the washing tank and increases the efficiency of the process, thus, enabling the dirt to detach from the food.

The equipment is also provided with a valve that regulates the intensity of the swirl, enabling different types of vegetables, whole or processed, to be washed more delicately. Optionally, LHC.300 is equipped with a high-tech filter that prevents particles larger than 50 microns from returning to the system.

Learn about the competitive advantages of the LHC 300

  • Electric panel with 24 Volt command, avoids electric shocks and meets safety standards;
  • System with venturi already integrated for water and sanitizer solution;
  • It has adjustable feet for level adjustments and possible fixing to the floor;
  • Quality and reliability from NHS Máquinas.



Up to 300 kg/hour*

External Dimensions

L 1,590 x W 930 x H 1,320 (mm)

Loading height

832 mm

Unloading height

800 mm


220 V or 380 V (Three-phase)


2,0 hp │25 m3/h

Volume of water

250 L

Air consumption

30 L/min**

Total Installed Power

1.5 kW (2.0 hp)

Total weight

175 kg

* There might be variations in productivity depending on the product to be sanitized.
** Air consumption may vary depending on the washing cycle time.

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