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MEP.500 | Preparation, Selection and Pre-Washing Table

Product Characteristics

Featuring an excellent water transport and prewashing system, which helps removing excess of soil and dirt from the selected leaves, MEP.500 by NHS Máquinas is designed to enable up to six operators to perform the first stage related to the feet of leaf-plants coming from the field.

How does MEP 500 work?

MEP.500 consists of a workbench with six workstations, containing polyethylene “cutting boards”, on which the bating is done. At the center of the workstations, there is a U-shaped bowl, like a river, which transports the selected leaves to the washing tank. The prism-shaped tank facilitates decanting of dirt and it is provided with a water injection system that performs an efficient prewashing process. The equipment tank is also provided with a barrier for the circulating water to be collected after the sieving system. Finally, to transport the products to the next stage, MEP.500 is equipped with a blue polypropylene pass-through conveyor. Optionally, MEP.500 is provided with a system of deflectors that enables raising the water level of the washing river, thus, the control of the exposure time during transport is longer, which helps removing insects from the leaf-plants

Learn about the competitive advantages of the MEP 500

  • Two equipment units in one, with stations for leaf selection and prewashing tank;
  • Prism-shaped tank, facilitating the decantation of residues;
  • Two water inlet controls, enhancing the versatility of the equipment;
  • Each workstation is provided with a hose with a spout in case the operator needs it;
  • The arrangement of the cutting boards enables the operator to work sideways, using one disposal box for every two operators, which facilitates the residue collection work;
  • Fully removable pipes, simplifying the equipment cleaning and maintenance;
  • Water tank fully open for easy access and cleaning;
  • Two sieves to remove solids from the water;
  • Electrical system at suitable height for protection against humidity;
  • The feet are made of threaded bars for height adjustment, which can vary by 120mm;
  • There are optional deflectors, which increase the exposure time of the food in the water, thus, making transport slower;
  • It makes the work of the next equipment feasible, removing excess of dirt and minimizing the frequency of water exchange.



Up to 500 kg/hour*

External Dimensions

L 6,760 x W 1,552 x H 1,600 (mm)

Loading Height

910 mm

Unloading Height

1,150 mm

Operator Capacity

Up to six operators, three on each side


220 V or 380 V (Three-phase)

Total Power

2.10 kW (2.85 hp)


2 hp; 8 mwc; 42 m3/hour

Water Volume

500 liters


320 Kg

*There may be variation in productivity depending on the product to be cleaned and the valve regulation.

Accessories for your

  • Disposal spout 2” Stainless steel:

A set of a spout, a clamp and trim to couple the direction of water disposal through the overflow.

  • 02 Level Deflectors:

Deflectors that enable raising the water level of the washing river for longer prewashing time.

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