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DSM 08 | Cassava Peeler

Product Characteristics

The DSM.08 from NHS Máquinas is specially developed for the precise peeling of cassava. Efficiency, quality and productivity are the distinguishing features of the peeler where, through a manual feeding process, the billets are peeled. Made from certified AISI 304 stainless steel, the cut cassava billets are placed inside the equipment and pushed towards the knives, which carry out the peeling. Its simple operation allows the peeling of different diameters of cassava, aligning its versatility with quality.

Discover the differences of DSM 08

  • Innovative equipment;
  • Compact and highly efficient equipment;
  • Enables peeling of different diameters;
  • Low product loss;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Reduced maintenance;
  • Optimized operation;
  • Compliance with health standards;
  • Version with mechanical-pneumatic control;
  • Version with electric-pneumatic control;
  • Compliance with NR12.


Productivity250 kg/hour*
Billet Length130 to 150mm**
Peeling Efficiency85% to 97%
DimensionsL. 1430 x W. 760 x H. 1380 (mm)
Loading Height1050 mm
Discharge Height690 mm
Air Consumption330 l/min
Line Working Pressure (compressor)9 bar
Working Pressure in DSM.087 bar
Equipment Voltage220Vca***
Installation Voltage2~220V+PE / 1~380V+N+PE***
Total Installed Power0,4kW***

* There may be variation in productivity depending on the size of the product/piece.
** It is important to cut the billets in parallel.
*** Only for the version with electrical panel, if the DSM.08 is pneumatic only, disregard this information.



For the correct operation of the DSM.08, it is the customer’s responsibility to follow the compressor and pneumatic installation recommendations from NHS MÁQUINAS, being: recommended compressor of 15 feet³/min, 200L, 3hp, three-phase at 220/380V and pneumatic installation as per description installation. The compressor is not included with the equipment.

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